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One Minute Gone



Porter Hall has a nice life, but someone wants to destroy it. He is financially secure, though not rich by Manhattan standards, and as the single father of six-year-old twins his days are full, but routine.

Until he knows who wants to take him down, and why, he can't stop them. As he begins to dig, he realizes he is up against wealth and power, and even his best efforts may be futile.

ONE MINUTE GONE is the first novel in the Porter Hall urban noir thriller series.


"David Hansard's propulsive One Minute Gone blasts right out of the chute and never stops bucking until the very last page. It crackles with wry wit, wisdom, and an insider's sense of The City—New York, that is—that reminded me of a cross between a real estate version of Serpico crossed with Bonfire of the Vanities. Amidst the non-stop action is a bittersweet and very real portrayal of a family blown apart by mental illness, but saved by the wisecracking virtue of Porter Hall—the bulldog protagonist who won't let go of the case or his loved ones."
   —C.J. Box, New York Times bestselling author of THE HIGHWAY and BREAKING POINT
(part of the award-winning Joe Pickett series)

"If you think you'd like a wisecracking hero desperately trying to keep a villain from ruining his life in New York City, you should check out David Hansard's debut novel One Minute Gone. His hero, Porter Hall, keeps his sense of humor through a series of threats to his children and his life that rival Candide. Among the elements of the novel that hooked me include a sexy reporter that's taken a professional and personal interest in him, his antagonistic relationship with New York cops, and his adorable twins he's raising as a single parent."
   —Hopeton Hay, KAZI FM Book Review, Austin, Texas

"This debut novel reads like it was written by a seasoned pro. It's as thrilling as it is enchanting. The characters are vivid and unique, the story is riveting and fresh, and if you don't fall in love with the protagonist, Porter Hall, you're a psychopath. This is a page turner, but take your time. You'll want to savor every word. I know I did."
   —Marcia Clark, author of KILLER AMBITION (part of the Rachel Knight series)