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One Minute Gone
"If you don't fall in love with the protagonist,
Porter Hall, you're a psychopath."

   —Marcia Clark


Having grown up in the West, Porter Hall is familiar with animals that can kill you in under a minute. But those will seldom attack unless their survival is threatened, or maybe because they're hungry. Yet for all his Western survival skills, he is out of his element among the rich and famous in the middle of New York City, one of the most sophisticated places in the world. In Manhattan, where he is raising six-year-old twins as a single father, he is about to confront the most lethal predator on the planet, his fellow humans. Unlike the untamed creatures of the West, these will kill for revenge or money or love, or sometimes the simple pleasure of killing. In ONE MINUTE GONE, Porter Hall must untangle the riddle of why someone would want to harm him, find out who it is, and stop them before he and his family are destroyed.

In BLUE-EYED BOY, the second in the series, Porter Hall confronts the challenges of dealing with a child with serious behavioral issues. In book three, the DARK FOREVER, Porter attempts to help a victim of spousal abuse, a close friend of his, and ends up making things worse for her and putting members of his own family in harm's way.

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